Photo credit: Dann Tardiff © 2015

Photo credit: Dann Tardiff © 2015



....Well, my name is Caroline Acton and I am the owner and photographer at  Poze Photographers. Basically, my biz comprises of a hair and make-up artist, a stylist, myself, and my handy assistants.

A brief bio:I have worked mainly in the role of counsellor over my life-time. So you might wonder what steered me toward photography. Well, my passion has always been about empowering women. Formerly, as a life-coach, I worked with women in the area of self-esteem, self-empowerment and overcoming limiting beliefs. 

As a photographer my goals remain largely the same: My mission is that every woman feels radiant, feminine and empowered in front of my lens; for women to feel they can be themselves, no holds barred, in a safe and compassionate environment, where their individuality and personality can shine.  

And yes , as the photograph shows, I use a wheelchair, and have for a number of years now, having sustained a spinal cord injury in my early twenties. Yes, there can be frustrations,  and as a rule, I steer away from wildlife! But, for now, there's nothing I'd rather do.

I have had the opportunity to photograph quite a number of women to date and there's nothing I love more than watching a client's expression when she sees her pictures for the first time. I would love to have the chance to work with you or someone you love, so please drop me a note. I'd love to know how you'd like to be photographed!